Easter – it’s not for Bunnies

Those cute little twitching noses, the little fuzzy tails, and soft ears are easy to fall for and think wouldn’t that be cute on Easter morning!? Bunnies are not just alive on Easter – what happens the day after and the day after that? Did you know bunnies can live for 12 – 15 years when properly cared for and require just about the same work as dog! Sadly, 90% or more of “Easter” bunnies don’t make it past their first year. Those that do are often left alone outside in a wire bottom hutch – restricted from their natural behaviors. Rabbits are ground-loving and do not like to be cuddled or restrained. They are quiet and often shy with also spurts of “hoppy” energy…they like to chew and can be inquisitive. So with Easter a week away please, if you are or know someone is thinking of getting their child a bunny for Easter, get a cute stuffed bunny that they cuddle and squeeze as tight as they want to! Easter and bunnies don’t mix!