Educational Outreach


An significant number of the animals euthanized in the United States are primarily black- Many of which are labeled “UNADOPTABLE” simply because of color… If you are about to adopt a new family member please consider a black dog or cat or bunny when you visit your local shelter!

We at Solutions for Animals, Inc. save as many as we can because we know we can give them the time needed for the right family to find them and get to know them. Enough time for the family to realize that the more colorful dog in the next room is not a good match for their family and lifestyle. Enough time to realize the typical “Lab Mix” or “Shepherd Mix” that is mostly black and not of a “fancy breed” is in fact the perfect dog for them…

The precious black cats…They’re the best! No one ever takes a second look – never asks a question about their personality – never even reaches out to pet them!

The black bunnies are also passed by as though they do not exist!

Choosing a companion animal should never be based on looks… No matter their color on the outside, they all have hearts of rainbow colors! Eyes of golden dreams! And the want to live and blossom with a family all their own!

A wilted rose, given a little water will stand high in its vase! A many times by-passed black dog, given a kiss on the nose, will stand proud at its human’s side!

Make a shelter staff persons day – show some interest in a black companion animal! It just may be the compatible pet for you!


The hope is that families will learn that age should not always be the first concern when adopting a companion. Many aged animals are in shelters – many of which are in shelters that euthanize – SFA is committed to saving “aged animals from euthanasia lists” in an effort to give them the chance to be loved and respected for the rest of their lives. SFA provides the extra medical care they may need to begin their new life with their adoptive family, such as dentals etc. Many of these animals are terrific with children, great for full time working homes, and have no surprising behaviors as they mature. We at SFA teach Old Dogs New Tricks Daily and no animal is adopted until we get to know their wants and needs, habits and personalities! Lets Hope that families adopt compatible companions regardless of age!

Your assistance and generosity allows SFA to continue its mission of rescuing and rehabilitating the homeless, neglected and abusted companion animals in our area and elevating the status of animals in society through public education.