Fleas & Ticks

At Solutions for Animals, we are always researching the most SAFE and ALL NATURAL solutions for Flea & Tick prevention.  We encourage you to explore the information provided here and to also do your own research.  Your pets DIET is actually a good place to start in preventing fleas.  Dry skin attracts fleas, therefore adding moisture and Omega 3 & 6 oils to your pets diet are key to healthy skin.  Adding garlic (in small amounts) and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to your dogs diet is also a good flea deterent (the little pesky bugs hate the stuff!).  Don’t forget to treat your YARD!!!  There are a few safe products on the market that we use here on the property at SFA (i.e. Diatomaceous Earth & Wondercide).  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) can also be found at your local Feed/Seed Store (make sure you ask for FOOD GRADE!!!) and keep in mind, that a little goes a long way.

Every dog is different and what works for one dog may not work for another, so be prepared to go through a ‘trail & error’ period. The ‘Alternative Solutions’ for Flea/Tick prevention may require a little more effort on your part…BUT,  aren’t our BELOVED PETS worth it…we know you agree!!!

Several ‘LINKS’ are provided below for your convenience.  This page is updated as we discover ‘New’ Products and more ‘Alternative’ solutions, so please come back often to check it out.  We also encourage you to share your ‘discoveries’ with us…!