Natural and WHOLE foods, like those that you and I are supposed to eat are also the best for our pets. Surprisingly, it is not much more expensive to provide these whole natural foods than it is buying specialty/name brand kibble. It’s also quite easy to keep fresh meals ready without constantly preparing. Even replacing a few meals a week or mixing whole foods with a high quality kibble will provide great benefits to your pets!

Over the years more and more has surfaced on the low quality or even dangerous ingredients and lack of nutrition within the current pet food industry. Pet food recalls, including the “high-end” brands are a regular occurrence.Links to illnesses such as skin, allergy issues and even cancer have been made to the ingredients in processed kibble.

The best any pet parent can do is educate yourself and don’t take labels and advertising as face value! Here are some places to begin educating yourself and staying informed

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Dr. Judy Morgan DVM

Vital Essentials

Dr. Harveys (locally available)

Pet Food Controversies

Planet Paws

Dr. Karen Becker

Fromm Family Pet Food (locally available)

Pet Fooled – documentary regarding pet food industry