Prognosis Fair to Poor…

follow site Back in February those were the words spoken after receiving a vet exam. Ember’s body condition score was 1-2 out of 9, no palatable feces and anemic. She had been forgotten, ignored, and at the edge of leaving her frail and emaciated body. She arrived at SFA to be given one last and final chance at life and if not, at least she wouldn’t be alone outside tied to a chain as she crossed over. That night for the first time in a long time she had food in her tummy and even a soft bed to sleep. Ember, even though she had been betrayed by humans she still was able to show kindness to her SFA guardian angels. It was a long and cautious road that Ember had to take in order to recover and begin healing her body. Each day and moment was cherished and each day small progresses were made.

Ember has now been at SFA for almost 3 months and is becoming more and more the dog in which she is supposed to be. She has put on weight, has made friends, is absolutely the most loving and kindest pup. She is embracing her 2nd chance at life to the fullest! Not every rescue is this extreme (or has a positive outcome like Ember) but each life deserves a chance to be loved and finding their one true family that will love them forever, no matter what. Ember is still receiving top notch remedies for her immune system so please help us balance the cost of her rescue. Just 5 or 10 dollars from 10-20 people would cover more than 2 months!. Donating to SFA will allow more pups like Ember to receive an opportunity at life and love. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible to save animals like Ember! Follow the donation link at the top of our page for how to donate via PayPal or sending a check.

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